iStyle myStyle: Nigerian Brand – Eve & Tribe

Hi dearies, I am in love with my Eve & Tribe set. Anyways, it feels good to have recovered fully, there is nothing like good health! My natural hair is in a protective style (single plaits under my wig). So down to today’s post, I love my Nigerian(African) traditional attires but a lot of times … Continue Reading

Hair Project: Wig Update (Rocking a Wig Whilst You Care for Your Natural Hair)

Hey huns, Oh yes, time for a wig update. I have rocked Keke for two weeks plus now (well, 3weeks by Saturday). I have been asked how I care for my natural hair now. In summary, every time I get back from work I fling Keke off my head and put her on the mannequin … Continue Reading

iStyle myStyle: OOTD & My Natural Hair Length Vs Wig Length

Hello dearies, Normally I focus on hair health but today it is about hair length. HAPPY EASTER! Since we are (well,I am) enjoying the reason for the season (Jesus), I thought I should bless you with a post lol. So, Sunday Service was wonderful and my highlight had to be when Pastor Ralph was referring … Continue Reading