Lesson 4: How I…

Hello dearies, Yay! It is Lesson 4. HAPPY NEW YEAR! We made it 🙂 How have you been? My church (the Redeemed Christian Church of … Continue Reading

Maintaining & Reverting My Straightened Hair

Hi dearies, Following from my post on how I achieve straightened hair on my natural hair. It made sense to post on how I maintain my hair this period and also making reference to what I do to revert my hair back to it’s natural state (that is, it’s natural curl pattern). This one’s short … Continue Reading

Deep Conditioning: My Pre-poo treatment + Detangling Process

Deep Conditioning and Moisture are critical in a Healthy Hair regimen. One of the major questions I get asked is “Preye how do you keep your hair soft/manageable”? For a start I would like to make it clear that my hair (well, my natural afro hair) has never been soft.I mean it is what Nigerians … Continue Reading