My Hair Steaming Formula & Benefits of Steaming Hair

Hi dearies, Let us talk Hair Treatment Steaming! Have you ever said to yourself? My hair is breaking, I want longer hair, My hair is not growing or what can I use to grow my hair faster? Well, you might want to read on! As you are aware I went through major hair length setbacks … Continue Reading

Maintaining & Reverting My Straightened Hair

Hi dearies, Following from my post on how I achieve straightened hair on my natural hair. It made sense to post on how I maintain my hair this period and also making reference to what I do to revert my hair back to it’s natural state (that is, it’s natural curl pattern). This one’s short … Continue Reading

Lesson 3: Hair Regimen 101

Hi dearies, Welcome to Lesson 3. Miss Posh & Classy is back! lmao no pigin today 🙂 I thought I should tease you a bit before posting :-p It’s been a busy week at work. I do hope your week has been fulfilled. Taking out my havana twists tonight. It’s been 3 weeks and my … Continue Reading