Wearable Gele in 20 Seconds! (Review)

Hi dearies, This post is for you if you have ever struggled with tying your Nigerian gele (also referred to as African Head Wrap/Head Scarf/Head Tie/Turban). You might remember this gele from ‘the Nigerian Wedding Guest Outfit of the Day‘ post. Whilst my outfit in the video has been showcased in the ‘Exaggerated Shokoto‘ post. … Continue Reading

iStyle myStyle: Boombox Republic Hand Painted T-Shirt

Hi dearies, hope you are all well. Dropping a quick hello. This is my follow up post as promised on the exhibition by the Nigerian brand ‘Boombox Republic‘. As you know we are Team Made by Africans & Made in Africa at MAHS. First my natural hair is currently cornrowed into a protective style and … Continue Reading

iStyle myStyle: New Hairdo + Weekend + Thanksgiving Sunday The African Way

Hi dearies, I finally have a new hairdo! I made my hair! So, bye Keke and Hello Kinky!! It took like 13 hours because I am extremely slow (explains why I never attempt making anyone’s hair) but I like the end product. I will blog about this in full details later on so watch out … Continue Reading