MAHS Bespoke Illusion Iro & Buba plus Ready Made Gele

Hi dearies,        missed you on this side of the blog and thought I should share my contemporary Iro & Buba outfit I shared with some of my friends. Before we get into it, can I just say that In the background I have been building resources in MAHS Learn area with Kingdom … Continue Reading

iStyle myStyle: Sunday OOTD Nigerian Blouse and Wrapper; Didi Hairstyle + Work Inspiration

Hello dearies, Hope you are enjoying the summer heat like I am. Gives me the chance to wear kaftans and wrappers (some of my traditional wear). My hair is plaited going all back in what Nigerians call ‘didi’ (Aka Inverted plaits). I dislike hair touching my body when it’s hot so I have the plaits … Continue Reading

My Nigerian Queens Rocking Our Traditional Wear

Hi dearies, I am excited about today’s Traditional Wear post. We have some special guests visiting! This post is going to be all about three of my friends and my cousin. You know how much I love my Nigerian Traditional (Native) attires. Being that we now rock this styles by merging modern day designs, personalities … Continue Reading