What Protective Style Am I Rocking Currently?

Dearies, Thought I should drop a quickie and tease you a little with this Protective Style. I followed the exact process and used the same extensions to add some body to my hair as described in the Chunky (Havana) Twists post (click on the link here: http://wp.me/p31sI3-jR ). The only difference is the fact that … Continue Reading

iStyle myStyle: Sunday OOTD H&M Print Set

How far na? I no say u dey wonder why dis babe no greet u with “hi dearies” for iStyle myStyle. O boy free dat tin. If u no kana just go grab one naija (Nigerian) to interprete. For dis Sunday’s iStyle myStyle OOTD (Outfit of the Day aka Denge poze baffs) na pigin we … Continue Reading

Protective Style: Chunky (Havana) Twists

Hi dearies, Let us talk about my current Protective Style, Havana Twists! As I mentioned and you might have noticed from the pictures in the post dated 07/04/2013 (sunday). I have changed up my hairstyle so I have not rocked Keke (my wig). Saturday (06/04/2013) marked me saying good bye (temporarily of course) to Keke … Continue Reading