Lesson 3: Hair Regimen 101

Hi dearies, Welcome to Lesson 3. Miss Posh & Classy is back! lmao no pigin today 🙂 I thought I should tease you a bit before posting :-p It’s been a busy week at work. I do hope your week has been fulfilled. Taking out my havana twists tonight. It’s been 3 weeks and my … Continue Reading

Lesson 2: Hair GROWTH, Hair RETENTION & Hair DAMAGE!

Hi dearies, People do not really talk about hair retention generally. Today We will be touching on hair growth (biological); hair retention (personal effort) and hair damage (external factors – that play a part in affecting your hair’s health adversely and/or leading to hair breakage if not minimised). In the post titled ‘Lesson 1: Hair … Continue Reading

Let’s Talk Edges!

Hi guys, Let us talk Edges today! I know it’s been a week since you heard from me or something like that. This working class young lady is trying to balance work, family, relationships, personal things and what not but I will try to post once a week minimum as promised. Now edges of your … Continue Reading