Healthy Hair Consultancy

MAHS Healthy Hair Consultation began due to the founder's passion to see women with healthy hair. We have all had those moments when we have had so many questions related to our hair. Truth is we all have these struggles, some of us need assistance brainstorming hair issues critically to find a solution suitable for our individual needs. MAHS Healthy Hair Consultation provides this service including a personalised hair regimen developed around your personal hair needs.

If you are struggling with your hair then, don't let another month pass with you having the same struggles! You cannot get different results doing the same thing!! It is time to change what you are doing for better results. Book a one-on-one consultation with Preye the founder of My African Hairitage Style but we must warn you that she is extremely thorough in her approach! If you want grow healthier and/or longer hair then feel free to send us an email to talk about your consultation.

Natural-Transitioner-Texlaxer-Relaxer-Colour Treated Hair Welcome!

Disclaimer: We are not offering instant growth but empowerment and an implementation plan to reach your goal. This is an investment in yourself as your time, money and potentially your hair's health will be saved! We apply our years of experience on our personal hair care & success proffering recommendations to others by utilising research methods, our knowledge of hair science, selecting the right products, and individual consistency. Please be cautious when trying new products and remember products are important but your techniques always trump products and brands when it comes to healthy hair care.