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Today it is all about hair growth and we will be giving honour to ‘rice’. Rice is a staple food in most Nigerian (African) homes I know. We could easily eat rice every day in different variations similar to our Asian counterparts. It is such a beauty when you observe cultures and see how similar we are even in our diversities. I also have a video on the Rice Water Rinse as a follow up on this post for the Hair Growth Treatment video series.

You all know that I went through a phase where it seemed my hair was not co-operating with me. Excessive shedding! This hair relationship matter ‘ehn’ requires you to adapt to what your hair is communicating. Like interpersonal relationships it can be challenging and it can be easy going at other times. In my spirit of research and fired by passion, I discovered the black tea rinse (I saw some improvement) which is said to take effect (reduces shedding) for about two weeks then took it a step further by adding monthly steaming to my routine. However, I also found rice water as a substitute/alternative to my black tea rinse which can be used weekly or bi-weekly for optimum results. You see an Asian colleague mentioned to me that Japanese rice farmers and geishas (who are recognised for their flawless skin & shiny long hair I must add) use rice water in their hair and skin routines. Well, I thought if my hair will recover fully from excessive breaking/shedding I am willing to be an African Geisha! If you are new to the blog or just learning about hair ensure you read about the post on ‘Hair Growth, Hair Retention and Hair Damage‘. All I can say is I am relieved that I can touch my hair again without losing big chunks of hair or my ends snapping! Okay! Okay!! Let us get down to the matter.

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How to Make & Use Rice Water on Your Hair
What I love best about making your rice water is the fact it is easy! Simply boil your rice in water. Below I have detailed five benefits of rice water and the steps on how I use the rinse on my hair. You can thank me in the comment section (it puts a smile on my face).

Rice Water

This is definitely worth trying out. Let me know about your experience and how you have combatted breakage or shedding. If you are new to taking care of your hair, one recommended read has to be ‘Lesson 4 How I Grew My Hair‘. Takecare.

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