Hi dearies,
hope you are all well. Dropping a quick hello. This is my follow up post as promised on the exhibition by the Nigerian brand ‘Boombox Republic‘. As you know we are Team Made by Africans & Made in Africa at MAHS.

First my natural hair is currently cornrowed into a protective style and my simple regimen suits my busy schedule. Oh, before I forget you can get a free template of the Healthy Hair Regimen Builder offered by MAHS Healthy Hair Consultancy! Simply add the product to your bag and check out to access the download link. Download, print and fill. It is my little way of encouraging you on your Healthy Hair Journey. Thank me later 🙂

Now to my outfit of the day, I took my regular pictures in front of my flat then I decided to enter the ‘bush’ lmao. Find pictures below to show how I styled my hand painted acrylic t-shirt from Boombox Republic.

2016-08-07 19.23.11

2016-08-07 17.46.07

2016-08-07 19.13.07

2016-08-07 19.14.26

2016-08-07 19.15.49

2016-08-07 19.16.36

2016-08-07 19.17.18

2016-08-07 19.17.56

2016-08-07 19.18.42

2016-08-07 19.19.50

2016-08-07 19.20.51

What do you think? Would you style it differently? Have a fulfilled week.

Lady P.

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