Happy New Year dearies,

Keto complaint Okro Soup on the menu as we highlight how African food can be team fit fam too! What better way to start the year than to talk about food since we have all been eating! As my friend Be Esther put it “When Healthy Hair meets Healthy Food  then Healthy Living becomes mandatory”. Before I delve in, I am glad we made it to 2017!! I wish you great success this year.

Some people say okra soup and others say okro soup but we just use the term interchangeably lol. Please find the link to the lesson on Oil-less Shrimp Okra (Ila Asepo) it comes with a free video demo and free downloadable recipe card to save you time re-watching (or blowing your data plan for those with restricted data bundles). In my previous post I mentioned Sharing & Learning just got easier with MAHS Learn! You can join the Food Lover Membership with unlimited access to member specific pages, lessons, video demos, pdf lesson handouts & other resources for FREE! You are automatically enrolled on to Flo’s Homemade Course 

CLICK LESSON – Oil-less Shrimp Okra (Ila Asepo)

Have a great week. Let me know what you think about the food recipes and if you cook it. God bless.


Lady P.

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Product Details
Brand: MAHS

Your consultation includes a pre-consultation questionnaire/interview to tease out information from you to ensure your consultation caters to your unique needs. Please give at least 48 hours after completing before Hair Examination to receive your report, recommendations and hair plan to meet your unique needs.

Written Consultation

* MAHS Hair Examination (completed by client prior get a clearer idea of current hair profile)

* Basic Written report :

An Assessment of current Hair Profile and Habits

* Product selection

* Hair Care Plan and recommendations

* ADDED BONUS: Recommendations, Standard hair care routine and personalised hair regimen development suited to the client's unique needs. This service involves the analysis of the following

  • Clients schedule
  • Lifestyle
  • Hair type
  • Readily-available products
  • Length
  • Hair Goals
  • Presence or absence of hair shaft and scalp disorders, etc.

NOTE: If you would like a one-on-one consultation via Skype (or in person) then the Silver Package might be a more suitable option. If you have any questions feel free to contact us via email.


Consultations are in English via Email.


Should you need to cancel, please give us 24 hours notice. You can do that via email. If you cancel less than 24 hours before you will have to pay for half of the fee.

Disclaimer: We are not offering instant growth but empowerment and an implementation plan to reach your goal. This is an investment in yourself as your time, money and potentially your hair's health will be saved! We apply our years of experience on our personal hair care & success proffering recommendations to others by utilising research methods, our knowledge of hair science, selecting the right products, and individual consistency. Please be cautious when trying new products and remember products are important but your techniques always trump products and brands when it comes to healthy hair care.

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