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Let us talk about my wig routine today! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was extremely busy but I made it! All I need to do is cook some food for lunch tomorrow at work. Before that I thought I should tell you my current simple wig regime, which I started by accident.

So, I literally had no one to help me plait my usual all back plaits for my natural hair and I decided to just plait 9-12 single braids with no extensions after washing and packed it in a low bun. Wore my wig over it to work the next day and this has been my routine since September. I get home and fling my wig whilst giving my natural hair time to breathe. Every two to three days I re-moisturise my own natural hair (the single plaits) by spraying either water or rose water directly to my scalp and hair strands. This is followed by shea butter on my hair strands (sometimes coconut oil instead) and massaged to my scalp. My wig routine does not take up to 2 minutes in total for my hair care.

Wig routine for wig: As for my wig itself, since it is made from human hair I treat it with some love too. I do not do anything to it during the week but Every 1-2weeks I wash, deep condition (in the microwave so it is faster – you better not put your own in the microwave if your weave/extension is made from plastic it will melt lol), and style for the start of the new week. Whilst my weave/wig is conditioning for two minutes in the microwave I proceed to wash my natural hair in the plaits (yes, without loosening it); put conditioner plus olive oil and wear a shower cap (or polythene bag please don’t judge me lol). The logic is that whilst I rinse off the conditioner from the wig after taking it out of the microwave and styling this gives my natural hair time to enjoy the conditioning process under the shower cap. Once I am done styling my wig, I rinse my natural hair then lightly towel dry and just oil my hair and scalp (that is all). No need to do any extras.

This winter wig routine seems to be working well for my schedule and my hair and I am seeing an improvement in the health of my hair (remember health over length). The longest I have kept my natural hair in the single plaits is 6-7 weeks before taking the plaits down followed by My pre-poo treatment. Wish I had discovered this simple routine earlier especially when I suffered serious hair loss. Tell me about your wig or protective style routine, is it similar to mine or do you have any tips? I would love to hear from you. God bless.


Lady P.

P.S. If you are new do not worry I got you. To understand the benefits of protective styling and a having a good hair regimen some other popular posts for beginners include (Lesson 1: Hair Biology for Beginners; Lesson 3: Hair Regimen 101; Lesson 4: How I Grew My Hair)

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Mine’s pretty much the same, but I wash my hair every 2 weeks. I can’t go too long with my hair in plaits though because it gets matted up very quickly.

Berry Dakara Blog


Hello Berry. Compliments of the season. When I am consistent I wash weekly and then re-plait every 4 weeks but this winter my re-plait just extended (thank a God it did not turn to unplanned dada lol)


Nice post


Thanks Brooke. Have a great New Year


Omg!!! I want your hair. I keep chanting ‘my hair doesn’t grow’ 🙁

Style Feature Ik


Aww thank you! Trust me I use to say that but it grows when you stop doc using on the length. Every time I straighten my hair I am always shocked (usually once a year). Wishing you a successful hair journey dear.


That wig is just fire!!! I’m in love, lol.


haha thanks Miss Lolu. Have an awesome 2016! Thanks for stopping by.

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