Hi dearies,
Today’s post is about my Hair Straightening routine! I do apologise for my absence. As you know I am a working young woman with responsibilities and sometimes it just gets so much I need to switch off to focus on the things at hand. I am preparing myself towards a Career in Project Management. So, had to book holiday off work and spent it doing a professional course (PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner in 5 days), done with both exams. As you might remember I straightened my hair in the month of May (though it was not bone straight, left some texture in there).



A lot of times I am asked about the things I do when I straighten my hair with a flat iron (hair straightener). I did my first straightening attempt for my whole head of hair 21 months into my healthy hair growth journey from big chop from hair dye in September 2011. At that point I made the decision to only straighten my entire head of afro hair ONCE a year to ensure my hair maintained its optimum health. As I started my current healthy hair journey in September 2009 the journey is not just about hair growth retention but more about learning about my hair and having very healthy hair.

Before I straighten I ensure I deep condition (check out my post on ‘Deep Conditioning – My Pre Poo Treatment + Detangling Process’) my hair in preparation for the process (as heat dries the hair). Once hair is washed and ready for the process. For my heat protectant I use Herbal Essences (leave me in) – seductively straight HEAT PROTECTION INTENSIVE CREAM (or cantu shea butter grow strong strengthening treatment as it protects from heat damage). Once hair is blow dried using the tension method (stretching hair with hand and just blowing heat all over strands without using brush or comb). Turn on my flat iron (I use GHDs) to heat up. I do the chase method (comb in front of the straightener, basically the comb does the job of separating my afro kinky hair & the hair straightener is right behind it. I get better results this way). This is also an opportunity for me to trim my ends (and oil my scalp immediately after straightening my mini sections so i do not fry my hair lol) as I straighten each section.

Once I am done I use a dime size of my Herbal Essences (leave me in) beautiful ends SPLIT END PROTECTION CREAM as a way of putting back some moisture back into my hair focusing on my ends (you could add some drops of oil to seal it in). You need patience, the longer your afro gets the longer your straightening process. Took me 2-3hrs last time. THAT’S IT REALLY! Hope that helps. To get my hair to revert back I basically do my ‘Deep Conditioning – My Pre Poo Treatment + Detangling Process (check post). Depending on what you feel your hair needs you could swap the mayo for a stronger protein based product. I will post on how I maintain my straightened hair. See you soon dearies.

Lady P.

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Ur hair is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. Am stucked to ur blog n looking forward to more write up


Hi there, it definitely brings a smile to my face knowing that and I am glad you enjoy the posts 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by and taking your time to comment. Wishing you an amazing week.


Nice, I straighten my hair around my birthday and maybe holidays. So twice a year and that’s when I trim it. Although I should trim it more often.

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