Hi ladies,
Let us talk about my Hair Regimen. It is truly by the Grace of God I am able to find time to post *whoo*. Yesterday was of course thanksgiving sunday service as it was the first sunday of the month! I cannot believe we are already in the 5th month of the year 2013, I am always grateful for the gift of life. I got to finally cut my birthday cake as this was postponed for personal reasons and also celebrated a special someone’s new job. As you already know my dad is Ijaw and in true Ijaw style I celebrated by having a ‘Fish Fest’. It was a small get together that catered to 19 people in total but it meant a lot to me especially spending it with friends and loved ones. I will stop here now and you can expect a post on that beautiful Sunday!

Back to hair, it only seems sensible that following from the post on the 26th of April (Lesson 3: Hair Regimen 101) I actually tell you about what I do to my on hair. The honest truth is I cannot say I have a set in stone hair regimen but it is fair to say that certain things remain constant and based on the categories discussed in the post ‘Lesson 3: Hair Regimen 101’ I fall into the healthy hair care regimen. Before I go further it is important that you always remember that what works for one person may not necessarily be what would work for your own hair. In the hair journey game it is all about trial and error to discover your needs. Try to keep it as simple as possible, be patient and be consistent (I assure you it took me a long time to get to this point and to train myself to be more hair conscious). I wash when necessary, so if my hair is left loose/free I tend to wash it once in a week (I ALWAYS do a deep condition/pre-poo treatment and detangle just before every wash – check out post titled ‘Deep Conditioning – My Pre-poo Treatment + Detangling Process’ for more info).

If I am short for time I avoid handling my hair because the last thing you want to do is handle your hair whilst you are in a rush. You will most likely be tugging and breaking your hair in the process, patience is a key ingredient (scarfs are usually my back up plan lol). My schedule is tight and though I love my hair I do not have the time to handle it every single day so I major in longer term protective styles like fixing a weave/wig and alternating with getting braids done. Even when my hair is left loose it tends to be in an updo of some sort or a messy bun. I attempted wash n go’s but it was awful for my hair and my hair was a tangled mess probably because I experience major shrinkage. The pic that follows below is my first and only wash and go whilst the second is right after a hair wash me pulling my hair to show just how much shrinkage I experience (almost 70% shrinkage in my opinion).


I tend to use a leave-in conditioning cream and seal with an oil or butter on my scalp and hair almost everyday (but I listen to my hair if it is needed). I mean you do not forget to shower and cream your body, you can do the same for your hair. I do not have a favourite style because I style my hair based on how I feel and the look I want to achieve. It’s the versatility that comes with having natural hair and being able to buy any other hair of my choice without affecting the health of my afro hair that I love. I have categorised my regimen into the categories below, the products mentioned are my staples as they never change regardless of the experiment I try on my hair lol.

Leave-Ins: I use Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End Protection Cream or Cantu Shea Butter Leave in conditioning repair cream as leave-ins.


My Go To Oils & Butters: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Castor Oil and Unrefined African Shea Butter.


Pre-poo/Deep Condition: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) OR Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) mixed with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner and Mayonnaise from the kitchen. Some people use other products for deep conditioning but you do not need to keep buying loads of products. It is for this reason my pre-poo doubles or should I say triples as a deep condition and an opportunity for me to detangle and I forgot to add technically also hot oil treatment too (Check out my post on ‘Deep Conditioning – My Pre-poo treatment + Detangling Process).

Co-Wash: This simply means washing your hair with only conditioner (so, no shampoo or wash of any kind). A lot of naturals talk about this but you know what, I do not co-wash. Simply because, I do not have the time and I feel my hair is already being treated well. Moreso, other than moisturising with a leave-in (or water if in braids or sew ins) and sealing with an oil daily I tend not to use any products which would typically cause build up. It’s worth mentioning that I did give co-washing a try whilst I was rocking my wig as a protective style and it worked for this protective style (for more info check out post: ‘Hair Project: Wig Update {rocking a wig whilst you care for your natural hair}’).I used Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner for my co-wash.

Wash: 1st 2yrs of my hair journey I used Herbal Essences Hello Hydration but now I use Elasta QP Crème Conditioning Shampoo because our textured hair can never get enough moisture and I noticed it adds to the softness of my hair. One constant though that I swap with is my African Black Soap (prefer the liquid form) from Ghana. So, once I wash off my deep condition/pre-poo treatment. I condition with my Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner for 2minutes (it does not need to be longer because the time spent deep conditioning would have done the major job). This has worked so far to meet the needs of my hair for 3 plus years but I feel that as my hair gets longer I need to look into other options to meet new needs my hair seems to have. For example, I am considering trying out mud wash (aka mud or clay treatment instead of shampoo) in the near future to see how my hair responds to it (you will be updated when that happens).


Moisturize and Style: I moisturise with my a choice of my leave-ins (mentioned above) and seal with oil or shea butter (I do this not just to the hair strands but to my scalp).

Daily Routine: At night if my hair is loose I will plait my hair in big braids (referred to as Calabar in Nigeria lol) after moisturising with a leave-in or water and sealing with oil or butter. Based on my mood I either rock as it is or loosen and style each day till the next wash day. If it’s in a weave I spray my hair with a braid spray or water from a spray bottle which would usually contain oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) into my scalp and hair as my hands usually cannot get to my own hair when there is a sew-in fixed. If I am rocking a wig long term then I tend to moisturise (leave-in conditioner or water) and seal with an oil or butter my scalp and plaits focusing on my ends when I wake up and before I sleep. I typically, co-wash the plaits at least once in a week in this period (followed by moisture and seal routine, leave hair to air dry naturally) as I tend to rock my wig for at least 3-4 weeks (implies my plaits – usually plaited all back remains plaited for this timeframe).

Maintenance: Re-moisturise if needed and seal with oil/butter. I tie a silk scarf every night. Yes, every night (I do get a bit naughty and forget every once in a blue moon though). I noticed that aside from helping with less breakage it tends to preserve your hair style. If my hair is loose tend to put it in big plaits as I have mentioned already, if in a sew in (usually Brazilian weave, I would use bendy rollers then silk scarf on top), if braids I just pack it up and tie silk scarf over it (my sleeping silk scarf is made from a stretchy fabric).

Protective Hair Styles and Low Manipulation Styles: I do not disturb my hair unnecessarily and I do enjoy different style options based on my mood and personality as I love some kind of rotation. But I would say my constant style staples are weaves, wigs, braids, plaits, updos, buns, etc. But of course I give my hair a break in-between and rock my natural hair. Sleep in chunky plaits, loosen it and am out the door but no more than a week as I will deep condition and wash it by the end of the week (maximum 2weeks). My moisturise (water or leave-in) and seal (butter or oil) daily routine is a must this period! On very rare occasions (twice in a year), I do straighten my hair to enjoy my hair in a different state (as displayed in the pic below, my hair has not been straightened bone straight and has also been curled using bendy rollers over night. There will be a separate post on my hair straightening routine for those who want a step by step approach on the process.


I know you want to see the full dress but you get to see it in the next post 😉 That’s it ladies on my regimen, I have tried to cover questions I am asked frequently to refer you to on the blog. Hope this gives you better insight into my regimen and probably a starting point for you in creating yours. Doing this at first was a big chore but now it has become second nature to me as I am used to it now. Wishing you success in finding one that works for you and your hair. God bless.

Lady P.

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Following Lady P bumper to bumper. 😀 Picking up my own Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner after work today. I want to try it. I might just be accused of having Sunita genes too. 😉


hahahaha thank you Mrs Sagoh 🙂 Please do oh! So, we can be ‘Nigerian Sunita’ together 😉


We will get there ooooo


Amin o! Thunder by fire, by force you must hehe


Hehehe…Preye really took her time to write this piece..Nice write up babes, I am really considering going natural now…or maybe I change to texturisers instead of the harsh relaxers for now…I need the liver ….lol and btw, have been using Herbal Essence too, the blue one. Pls give ppl with scanty hair tips o…this my own is genes though!


Temi Hun, Ose 🙂 the choice is yours but texturisers are still chemicals either way. So, your decision should be based on if you want to be chemical free and the thickness of your hair naturally. In regards to scanty hair I would say my post on ‘Let’s Talk Edges’ is applicable but instead for the whole head of hair not just your nape and temple


First, lemme say you look really gorgeous wearing your natural hair. Thanks for sharing the products you use. I recently added the Cantu Shea Butter and Jamaican Black Castro Oil to my collection.


Bday mate mi! Ose dear. Yay to adding cantu & JBCO, hope ur hair loves then with time as much as mine. Just remain consistent


I’m loving the Cantu leave-ins and treatment at the mo! Glad to see that someone else has a random mix of products like me 🙂 – as you said, it’s trial and error!


Such a satisfying feeling finding what works 🙂 It sure is trial & error and as long as it works there is really no need changing it up otherwise one ends up being a product junkie unconsciously.Thanks for stopping over.x


Very true! And it’s my pleasure 🙂




First I have to say big ups on the blog….excellent resource as knowing how to keep your hair healthy is essential.

Now onto my ramble 😀

Once a week works for my relaxed hair.

I used to shampoo and then deep condition. I really didn’t use leave-in conditioners on any regular basis, but instead went the route of moisturizers (e.g. Luster’s Pink Hair Lotion, Organics Olive & Clove Oil Therapy, etc). I would apply that to my hair prior to blow drying – which is pretty much also the only time I allowed heat to touch my hair. The one thing I did notice was that my ends were always quick to dry….even with daily application of a light moisturizer – in spray, cream, or oil form it didn’t matter.

Pre-conditioning (hair masks) has greatly assisted in addressing that issue.

I’ve tried out the combinations of mayo-egg yolk-olive oil / mayo-olive oil / just mayo…and not only could I feel the difference, I was also shedding significantly less – which was another concern of mine considering I didn’t have split end problems.

So, I am totally in agreement with you, Preye, on the pre-pooing. 2 THUMBS UP!!!

Upon reading your blog on deep conditioning I decided to try the Motions CPR Treatment Conditioner – as I haven’t used that before. I opted for the 30 minutes under my portable heating cap. OMG is all I have to say. That conditioner will be a fixed staple on my shelf going forward. My hair was so plush (ridiculously soft) I almost forgot about shampooing & conditioning altogether :o)

I did get the Elasta QP Crème Conditioning Shampoo, but haven’t tried it yet.


The pleasure is mine Obaro 🙂 Thank you so much for the informative feedback, I am super sure it will also help others who might be experiencing what you did previously in terms of drying out issues. This is so not a ramble sis.

Yay to pre-pooing! Motions CPR Treatment Conditioner was an experiment to find back up treatment (if I was say in Nigeria and my hair responded well to it as well!). I always get extra excited when friends and family see positive changes in their hair *big grin*

As for Elasta QP Creme conditioning shampoo … I do hope your hair loves it as much as mine cos I feel it helps further maintain the moisture levels. Let me know how it goes *hugs and kisses*


Totally wonderful! Saved for future reference.
Tried a wash and go the other day and my hair…well I won’t be trying it again soon.
Your shrinkage is crazy!
Been keeping up with a routine just like this and my hair has been loving it, especially when I use olive oil as part of my pre-poo. Occasionally i use avocado and the results have been awesome!


I know and cos my coils are so tight I am prone to my ends knotting up it can get annoying but I have learnt to live with it and love it as it is. Great news on the pre-poo, it sounds like it is definitely assisting us sisters 🙂 Keep me up to date on ur progress dear. Stay blessed.xxx


now that’s a lot of advertising you have done for those product lines, I hope they are paying you for it and you do have a contract with them, or you don’t wanna share that part? lol…


I wish oh! Please send that contract my way!! Lmao. It’s me sharing what I use currently as it states ‘my hair regimen’. Now whatever you do with the information is up to you (No, I am not being paid and I use my hard earned money to buy my stuff). Hope that answers your query adequately. Plus what works for my hair may not necessarily work for u (trial and error + consistency needed).


Hi preye! I was natural for 16months but I used a relaxer in Feb (wasn’t feeling well so culdnt take care of my hair) but I did my second big chop in sept 2o13.my major problem is balding from pcos.how long do you leave ur braids on for and hw long do u wait b4 fixing another protective style.


In regards to your questions I have ok fixed times and just listen to my hair needs or fix based on my mood. If you are trying to nurture your hair back to life you could leave your braids for abt 4weeks then give it a treatment and re-braid within 2 or more days. You could check out my post that focused on how I nurtured my front hair back to life as it went bald pretty much due to bad braiding and excessive tension


I appreciate that the products you mentioned are all affordable. Many a time, I’ve looked at hair regime articles, only to be turned off by the $40+ leave in. Who can afford that?!


I know what you mean but I prefer affordable yet quality products. Sometimes people think expensive equates to quality but that is not necessarily the case all the time. All the very best with your hair journey. Regards


Girl this is brilliant…. Good job your doing here.


Thanks dear

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