Let me start with You:

  • What if I told you that you can be who you want to be by arming yourself with knowledge?
  1. longer hair?
  2. motivation to be fit and healthy?
  3. improved personal style?
  4. better lifestyle?
  5. cultural awareness?
  6. Bringing your ideas to life?
  7. DIY tips?
  8. Career progression?
  9. Anointing for Business
  10. you name it!
  • What if I told you that whatever your goal is whether it is for a Healthy Lifestyle or Continuous Personal Development or Longer Hair for you or someone you know is at your reach?

All of the Answers Starts with you:

  • Making up your mind
  • Putting in the work
  • Being open to inspiration & continuous improvement
  • You have the brains, skills & blessings
  • Life and all things related to it is about Choice & not taking Chances

The scripture says my people perish for lack of knowledge. My African Hairitage Style (MAHS) is founded on Faith and here to raise positive awareness of African Culture and its people. Its positive impact in your everyday modern life from fitness to fashion to growing healthier hair using natural products or applying traditional techniques to solving skin & hair issues and lifestyle inspiration. In a nutshell, being African is not just an Identity but a Lifestyle for a MAHSian.

Now us:

  • What if I told you whilst MAHS inspires & celebrates through its passions of helping to bring insight to solutions to the issues raised above it has naturally birthed the delivery of Premium Quality Products and Services Made by Africans, Made in Africa.

We are celebrating the essence of the richness of African culture in the way we live in modern times. From our lifestyle, personal style, hair, fitness to beauty! We believe in lifting each other up and rising together by appreciating innovative entrepreneurs and encouraging African businesses through our collaborations.

We are here to share in accordance with Hebrews 13:16, Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

Welcome to the Movement!

MAHS Manifesto


For those interested in improving their Healthy Hair Journey or perhaps you know someone this will benefit. MAHS is offering a Free Giveaway of its Flexible Hair Care Regimen Template to encourage you in your hair journey. Simply add to your basket and check out it will give you a zero total!

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