Hi dearies,
hope your day is going well. I decided to design and sew a simple native ankara lace trim box dress with a cap. This is more or less a sequel to the ‘Exaggerated Shokoto‘ post in case you missed it. The African ankara fabric also featured in the ‘20 seconds Gele Review‘ post. It was fun making my cap though I might make a bigger version next time. One thing is for sure, I have acquired a new found love for lace trims as depicted in my cold shoulder boubou DIY dress. Find pictures below of my comfy dress and my afro hair styled in cornrows 🙂

MAHS Dress and Cap_0990a

MAHS Dress and Cap_0991a

MAHS Dress and Cap_0992

MAHS Dress and Cap_0994

MAHS Dress and Cap_0998a

MAHS Dress and Cap_0996a

MAHS Dress and Cap_1000a

MAHS Dress and Cap_1008a

MAHS Dress and Cap_1011a

MAHS Dress and Cap_1012a

Let me know what you think. Thank you for stopping by. Have a fulfilled week.


Lady P.

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Lady P, you are serving us Jackie O style, for ReeaAL! I mean this is what I can imagine Jackie O wearing if she came to Naij, all you need is black gloves! Loooove this look, well done you for making it and the hat is sooo stylish…and then there’s the anklet. I want to see a video of this look NOW, haha! x


Madam Biki, I saw you serving them some ‘Hot Amala’ on AYO Magazine! Congrats again!! Great suggestion, I will definitely add some lace gloves to the mix next time. You know I always praise you for your attention to details! Thanks hun. Hahahaha I retired from my short lived video career lmao (In Terminator Voice – I will be back). xxx

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