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Let us talk Edges today! I know it’s been a week since you heard from me or something like that. This working class young lady is trying to balance work, family, relationships, personal things and what not but I will try to post once a week minimum as promised. Now edges of your hairline typically imply your front hairline and nape. The shape of my hairline is naturally an ‘M’ shape. Well, that’s the best way of describing it and my mum’s hairline is similar. Hence, I have never had hair in the two major peaks of my hairline just tinny winny baby hair. However, in the past it is worth mentioning I also experienced extremely tight braiders in the salon who only made my fragile/sensitive front hair section worse (pretty much bald I would say thank God for my sew-in wigs which assisted me to nurture it back to life). I decided last year that even if it was genetics playing a part I would like to get the optimum amount of hair that can grow in front by giving it some more attention. If you find yourself loosing more hair on your edges, you really need to know the cause of it first of because that will help you with the first solution to prevent reoccurrence.This brings me to another of my most asked question.

“Preye, my front hair is experiencing major breakage. What do I do to reduce this?”

Have in mind I have already discovered a healthy approach/regimen to caring for my own hair that works for me based on trial and error (well, the last 2yrs at least it’s been consistent and yes a post is coming soon on my regimen). So, paying some attention to my front hair is an addition to it.

I know by now you are saying come on just say it lol. My remedy for curing the extra hair I lost from bad hair handlers was to put my foot down and tell whoever it is touching my hair not to touch my front hair/baby hair. I have to say I have stuck to my darling friend Adetola aka T-Pumps because her hands are just magic to my hair! Miss you girlfriend. Before I get side tracked …

In terms of a regimen, I rub/massage some leave in conditioner into my front hair line followed by Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO). When hair was almost none existent I was doing this everyday without fail.

But I thank The Lord that now I have been delivered from the clutches of the hair-nemies of front hair I can now do it when I feel like it. Can i just say you can use cold pressed castor oil which you will find in pharmacies it doesn’t have to be JBCO.

Because I am a lot more conscious of my hair pulling out: I have stopped playing unnecessarily with it (includes people coming to pull on it especially without asking – I give them the evil stare now lol); I ensure that my braids are never tight; My weaves are no longer sewn directly onto my plaits as they are on a weave cap which has also translated to time to give my hair a break and reduction of the use of heat particularly on my front hair; since I use heat every now and then from either blowdrying or straightening my compromise is to avoid chemicals (no relaxers, no texturisers and no hair dye for me. p.s. if you use chemicals try to stretch them for longer before each re-touch); my ponytails and buns are never pulled back tight; I use ouchless headbands (the one’s without the metal to prevent hair from snagging).

In simple words, just avoid stressing your hair and this should assist in reducing edges breaking off/hair thinning.

Here’s a pic below of my front hair currently. I will start documenting the progress of it (or none if this is the optimum growth for my front hair naturally). I have told you what I do, what do you do yo keep your edges intact? Leave your comments below. Till next time catch you later loves.

Lady P.


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I’ve just started using the Jamaican Black Castor Oil myself, for about a month now, it really works great.


It sure does… I keep on raving about it to everyone who will listen lol


Preye mi, I’m just too lazy to start shopping for all these hair products, they are just too much for my Insurance brain…lol… So you are gonna have to buy all and send me a bill, then bring them when u are coming to naija… jor and u are going to prescribe in detailsssssssss how to use them…. Or just simply take me along with u when u are going, treat my hair for 3 years then send me back! Or might just choose to stay! 🙂


Lol that one won’t happen unless you want to pay for excess luggage. You can find all the products in naija joo… Don’t be lazy! Operation grow your hair needs your effort boo.x


Hi ma name is joy am 17 , to be honest ur hairs is so beautiful I love it, pls do email I want to know wat u did to ur hair step by step am also natural and wanting to achieve a waist length pls help me am also a nigerian but reside in SA and moving to USA next year for university


Hi Joy, thank you. I already have posts that give very detailed steps on what I do to my hair including vital general knowledge on hair. Take your time to read them you can find them under the section hair basics 101 it will help. God bless


I’m using castor oil, coconut oil combination to grow my edges. I’m hoping it works!


It should work with consistency and applying a leave in conditioner first before massaging your oil combo on your edges. Let me know how it goes after about 8weeks. All the best!

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