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Let us talk Hair Biology! I have been thinking about what I would like to talk about for the my next post and I just feel like it should be informative. I have read numerous books, articles, watched videos, networks and asked questions over the years in my search for hair knowledge to care for mine. I have not gone to school to get a degree in hair but I can say I am my own hair specialist now. Before you read further may I just say that hair care is serious business and you need to treat it as such to get results that you want. Kinky hair like any other races hair grows! The only difference is our hair fibre and it composition. Though ours appears thick, may look tough and might be coarser it actually requires more care and attention in its natural state. If you then choose to use heat tools, relax, colour or add any form of chemicals to your hair it further compromises it. Now I will leave out the whole science or chemistry aspect of hair for you to research on (those interested in knowing the full gist on their hair from the scientific view point). I will however, mention what I feel is important and touch on this in passing though as compressed as possible. The truth is if you are passionate about your hair and even if you don’t understand what looks like the scientific mumbo jumbo like me it’s crucial to get a little grasp of the gist. That’s the foundation because it gives you a better understanding most times as to why certain techniques and/or products may or may not work on your hair.

Preye’s Secret Weapon 1: Knowledge, Researching and Experimenting is vital in your hair journey.

Though hair properties are generally similar it is key to note the features of your hair will differ from one individual to another. That’s why I feel everyone needs to go through some sort of experimental phase discovering what works for you and what doesn’t because sometimes what works for Preye may not necessarily work for you in some cases. We need more understanding about our hair as individuals and how to maintain it because you my friend are unique in your own way and so is your hair.

Preye’s Secret Weapon 2: Although some hair products and a healthy lifestyle have an impact on you achieving healthy hair and if you decide longer hair without learning healthy techniques (handling your hair with care/the right way) it is more likely to be a fruitless journey.

I have a friend who use to say her hair does not grow (from my country of origin this is common to hear). My response to her was, “if your hair is not growing why then do you need to re-touch your new growth”. She happened to be relaxed and new growth here refers to what we West African refer to as under-growth. I cannot emphasis the fact that our hair grows. It might be at varying time frames, different thickness, might have contrasting hair texture types and different genes but it grows. And yes, I will be emphasising this key fact on my blog constantly.

My Hair in it’s natural state slightly stretched

Lady P’s Hair Tip: The best hair specialist for your hair is … YOU! Only you can monitor your hair daily and give the best analysis of it. I personally for instance am not a hair stylist but I am good at maintaining my hair and keeping it in good condition. Hair stylists out there are good but it is you who has the power in between the visits and this is the period that counts more in your hair healthy hair journey not your one-off visits to the salon.

PROTECTIVE STYLING + CARING FOR YOUR HAIR: If you are like me you will know I also fix weaves particularly during the winter (cannot stand it when it is hot, lol). My weave or should I say weaves (I know, woman palava  ) are my choice to get different looks but most importantly acts as a protective style (I will blog about protect style/styling soon as that is a topic on its own). Sadly, some of us have become fixated on styles like weaves and end up neglecting their own hair. The neglect part is the issue is and not the fact you would choose this as your style option.


SCALP: The scalp is crucial to the whole process and hair journey as it is here your hair follicles shoot out from. Have you ever wondered why people always advice to drink loads of water for your hair, it’s to ensure your scalp is hydrated (moisturised) from within as you cannot rely on external hair products to do all the work. It is also, for this reason that I would advice that when using your leave-in conditioner on your hair you focus on the tips of your hair because it is the furthest away from your scalp (thus, the part less likely to get moisturised from the scalp). As a result of how similar the scalp is in terms of features of the skin we need to try and wash our scalp regularly as the scalp goes through a natural flaking process. P.S. Do not forget to seal that moisture with oil/butter (I wil be talking about my hair regimen soon).

Lady P’s Hair Tip: Water and Moisture generally is a big player in any healthy hair journey.

PROTEIN: It is a fact that hair is made up of mostly protein this is reason why an individual’s hair appearance and properties can be altered if there’s a change in this. Due to this, it is no surprise protein treatments are discussed a lot in the hair community. However, it is worth noting that some people’s hair might be protein sensitive than others so you might want to watch the amount and type you put in your hair and discover what formula works best for your hair. For instance, I have found that adding mayonnaise (mayo) to my conditioner when I do my pre-poo treatment (refer to post: Deep Conditioning – My Pre-poo treatment + Detangling Process) and then my choice of protein based leave in conditioner is Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream).

HAIR FOLLICLES: The Hair Follicles is found within the scalp and the number you have is predetermined by your genes which also determines your natural hair colour. There are hair follicles which support hair building and growth. This is why for instance you hear about scalp massages being a part of some people’s hair care regimen (just google it love, you know you want too ). I am thinking of adding it to my regimen as I currently only massage my hair line area as this is an area I have never had hair other than baby hair and so does my mum. It is making some progress now though (I will blog about that in the future).

SEBUM PRODUCTION: We all produce a level of sebum and sebum production aids to condition the skin and prevent moisture loss. This might be a reason for experiencing scalp dryness as dietary deficiencies, prescription medication and puberty can affect the amount you produce. If this is your story don’t worry all hope is not lost, it just means a little bit more work from you to manually keep your hair moisture (moisturising and sealing will be a daily essential for sure!).

My hair straightened with a flat iron (hair straightener). I am officially bra-strap length now 🙂

I see my hair like I see my body. I am from a culture where we have to shower everyday and cream the body daily. Your hair requires this type of attention wash regularly (not necessarily daily, in my case if loose I wash one to two times every 2 weeks = technically every week when there’s time) but I use a leave-in conditioner (adds moisture) and seal with an oil or my African shea butter almost daily. However, like your face you need to watch out to get the right amount of moisture and oil unto your scalp (and hair strands of course) without clogging your pores. I know it’s been a bit too much too take in so I will leave it here whilst this marinates lol. My question for today is, do you have a hair regimen set? If so, what do you do to maintain your hair? See you soon ladies.

Lady P.

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wow…iam loving this…


Yayyyyy! Glad u like Funso!! Thanks.


I’m now considering if I should rock au natural all summer, so my hair can breath and i’ll also learn how to care and style it. Do you have tips on how to grow my edges?


You could try that and see how it goes for you. Got a post coming soon on my edges. Coming Soonnnnnnnn. Watch Out 🙂

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