Dear Diary,
You know I love food and so a Fish Fest should come as no surprise. Anyways, last week I was visiting Biki John’s blog ( to see what she was up to and I came across the most recent post. It shocked me to see myself starring right back at me but I felt honoured to be one of the “2 African/African-Inspired Blogs she is following, check out the post here: Aside from this post she has other posts that would inspire any one who is stylish! Did I mention she is a fashion stylist and you can check out her commissioned editorial work on Well done and keep on flying the Nigerian flag 🙂

Some of you who knew about my private blog which was a Dear Diary series will be used to this intro. I started with dear diary today because today’s post is more like a personal journal. We will be celebrating life, love, answer to prayers and friendships in this post. I will go right into it by showing you my Fish Fest OOTD because this post will have a lot of pictures! I wore the H&M dress below to church and was going to wear my birthday dress but thought it looks pretty enough and stuck to it for the entire day 🙂



As for my hair (I mean no post is complete here without mentioning that, right? lol), I straightened my natural hair a bit (not bone straight + it was already reverting slowly) but decided to use bendy rollers to curl it over night and it produced this look!


I mentioned in my hair regimen post (previous post) how wonderful my Sunday and bank holiday weekend in general was. On my bday which was the 26th of February I spent time with my friend but chose to postpone my cake cutting until God answered a particular prayer request (it had to do with my friend getting a job). In order to have this post less jam packed with pictures I will post on my Outfit of the day on that day in a future post. I rocked a tube lace dress with my African/Nigerian Ankara blazer made by my friend Tola and left my natural hair loose (was blow dried slightly to get some stretch). *In Nigerian movie advert voice* Pictures Coming Soon To you!

Fast forward to this thanksgiving Sunday (05/05/2013), I definitely had a lot to praise God for and He had finally brought to manifestation our prayers. It marked a day to celebrate life and the goodness of God. Ever since my mum went into hospital and the emotional roller coaster ride I have been on, it opened my eyes even more to cherishing every moment spent here on planet earth and I made the conscious decision to enjoy everyday life and to celebrate life where possible. Today, I was ready to cut my cake! It is very rare that an Ijaw person will not have fish considering we come from the riverine region of Nigeria, life is incomplete without fish!! 2 boxes of tilapia fish had been cleaned and seasoned the previous night. The plan was that for my Fish Fest everyone would have a whole fish to themselves. As usual in church with my picture partner in crime available aka Temiloluwa we took some pictures right after service. We had two other co-stars in the picture squad, Tobi and Grace 🙂






I knew I would be hosting close to 20 people in total after church as I always stick to my budget when I set one. Also, I did not want anything big because that was not necessary and I wanted that homely feel you get when you are with your your loved ones and friends. It is this kinds if moments I cherish. I always say to people that when I leave planet earth I want to leave with memories that make me smile and my PC family did just that. If you are reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart for adding your flavour to my day. I love you plenty.

Back to the post, For the Fish Fest, the fish was cleaned by my friend! I do not even know what to type because words cannot express my gratitude! God bless you!


My darling big sister aka sister Felicia sent me specially delivered suya. So, I did not just eat one whole fish to myself I added suya oh! This Nigerian babe does not play with food and it does not help that we have some tantalising delicacies in Nigeria *covers face*


Those who are close to me know I have an addiction for two drinks. Hence, I made two jugs of Mango Lassi (aka Mango Smoothie) and Nigerian Chapman! That Mango Lassi was actually meant for me not the Fish Fest celebration and the second jug for my darling Bukky but it was so delicious it was finished by the crew lol. I think I just opened their eyes to something they were unaware of! I welcome the new addicts 🙂 As for the chapman, there was absolutely nothing left of it by the end of the day



Everything for the Fish Fest tasted divine! My massive cake disappeared as well as all 20 grilled fishes!! The Lord is definitely good. As the birthday babe I had 1 and a half everyone else got a whole fish to themselves.




Chicken suya was fapped by people like Rosemary and myself before we even started eating, I was just lucky not to get caught on camera! Though I was when dealing with my fish!!



As far as we were concerned we were chilling as a family … no loud noise … just talking, playing, eating and enjoying each other’s company.






Look at Wale’s guilty face after dealing with his fish and my innocent looking face *smh*




You did not get to see everyone because we stopped taking pictures after a while 🙂 All in all it was an amazing day as you can see, the last group of people left by 11pm and my hair ended up in an updo before the day ended (unconsciously my ends are typically in a protective style as oppose to left free). The fact you have read this means you just participated in celebrating God’s mercies upon my life and my loved one as He is my (and our) sustainer. Thanks for reading. Remember the challenges of life will come but try your best to Enjoy Everyday Life even through storms. His Grace is sufficient for us. I hope to celebrate future birthdays with my mum, aunty, cousins, grandparents, family and more loved ones. Have a glorious week ahead.

Lady P

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P.S. Picture Taking Props goes out to my PP; K-Baba; Pa Adegbulugbe and Wale.

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what is hmmp-ing you ehn


Whew! Finally! The long awaited post is glad I was part of the celebration, I pray we get to celebrate so much more in Jesus name…okay to the main thing (pictures)… 🙂 lovely pictures with beautiful people.. Thanks dearie…


I know right! lmao no time then I was having internet connection issues, at least it is here now. Glad you were here and Amen oh! Thank you too babes *big hugs*


Nice pictures! And congrats! I’ve been following your posts especially the hair-related ones. Great job, keep it up dear!


Chinwelalaaaaaa! Thank you dearie. Nice to know you have been following the hair posts 🙂 Where are you now?


Thanks so much for the mention and big ups. Sorry to hear about your Ma and hope she is on the mend. Looks like you had a great birthday and it was full of love and laughter! Hair looked particularly good when it was down, Diana Ross circa 70s/80s would have been proud!


The pleasure is mine 🙂 She is by God’s Grace. It sure was, enjoyed every bit of it … *big grin* at Diana circa , thank you. Hope you have a fulfilled week dear.x


Choi! Missed out on this?! 🙁 Why didn’t u tell me earlier naaa?!!! Would have been a good reason to get a visa and buy a ticket asap! Btw, u and your MOG look good together 😉 Happy celebration love, bigger celebration of Mum’s complete recovery coming soon in Jesus name, Amen! 🙂


Lol no worries babe invites for more in future go come. Thanks Hun and a big Amen to mum’s complete recovery celebration. *big hugs*

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