Hi dearies,
Welcome to another iStyle myStyle series. On this sunday I actually did not know what to wear and so I just decided to wear a simple vest top and a pair of trousers. You know this Nigerian lady loves her print and African Roots so that trousers did it for me. Even with the simplicity I felt my style shine through and that is the difference between being stylish and fashionable. In my opinion being stylish means you add your personality, consider your body type and you do not necessarily have to follow the current trends whilst fashionable individuals tend to be trend followers. Please when you dress take time to consider not just the fashion trend but your body shape, the fitting on you and of course your personality. They are key ingredients to looking good without breaking the bank.







Of course some of my PC family joined me 🙂



That’s it dearies. I am a bit M.I.A but that is because I am about to embark on a journey, I will give you the full details in 2weeks time. Till another iStyle myStyle, remain blessed.

Lady P.

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Absolutely adore this outfit- chic simplicity GBAM! The white jacket really accentuates your print trousers and vest top, then we have the statement gold jewellery- fab! Where did you get the necklace from?
And yes, style is really knowing your body shape- there is confidence and then there is madness and in Summer, I’m afraid I see a lot of women who fall into the latter category…


😀 thanks dear. The necklace is from Dorothy Perkins. Summer especially over here you see all sorts *smh* Hope you’re enjoying your new job btw.x

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