How far na?
I no say u dey wonder why dis babe no greet u with “hi dearies” for iStyle myStyle. O boy free dat tin. If u no kana just go grab one naija (Nigerian) to interprete. For dis Sunday’s iStyle myStyle OOTD (Outfit of the Day aka Denge poze baffs) na pigin we go nack for hia. Popsi be Ijaw, mumsi be urhobo as I no kon sabi speak any one at least I fit scatter pigin wey dem dey yarn for Niger Delta area. I dey like rock ear cuffs every once in a while plus armoured rings ehen no forget print material plus beads. So no go surprise when I look cloth kon combine dis outfit.


As I dey my Baba house, I just dey dance. If you sabi makossa you go kana dis movement below.

As I don dance for house of God, d next thing I just dey do na to shine 32. I no understand, once d teeth begin show na wahala to stop but before I go do shakara small. Oya u sef shine ya teeth wit me 🙂


As per usual I say make I flex for church before I waka go my house.



With all d delicious food dem dem wey Sista Felicia fill my belle wit for dat church (especially dat chapman! Choiiiiiiiiii) e reach to pick my teeth.

E no kon mean say me no go chop sunday lunch for my own house. I no sabi wia energy dey from come bet o boyyyy na jollow rice wit tiger prawns, boil egg, grill fish plus my own homemade chapman (e neva reach sister Felicia levels sha).

This week we go yarn Lesson 3 ‘Hair Regimens’ – in plain Queens English, I promise.Before I forget, Happy Birthday to my number one mentee aka Yinka!

Till nes time on iStyle myStyle.
We go block for hia.
Na me,
Lady P.

Tiri gbosaaaa for Oga PP (hin take dis fine pishurs wey u dey scope), Oga ID and Oga Ife (na dem two proof read this post). I no go beg you for this one oh! Oya Subscribe, Follow, Like, Comment and Share (No vex, biko).

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Ehn love.. me I want that outfit ehn.. so make it available in a Uk size 8. Thank u kindly


lol lol … all of una wey won strip me naked how naaa … we go see as e go be love 🙂


The fact everything !! was in pigdin !!!! I applaud you and the fact I understood !! Makes me proud of myself !!! GOLD STAR FOR ME JARE !! hahahahhaa
As for the cloth , hmm I love the combination of the blue and red ombre with the white blazer 🙂 .. And your hair finishes off the look … keep on rollling girl !!


hahahaha well done girl … *chop knuckle* Thank you love 🙂 More to come by God’s Grace. xoxoxo


Your style rocks! I love love love.


🙂 Appreciate the compliment Kosi. Thank you.x


Hahaha, defo, my favourite of your posts so far coz it was reeking with joie de vivre, though it did make me realise that my pidgeon aint as good as I thought it was. Your accessories are on point here- the necklace, brooch, EAR CUFF. And OMG, whats your recipe for Chapman, its one of things I look forward to the most when I go back home (Lagos)….


lol thank you 🙂 I am addicted to chapman! Always drink it all in Naija. You can imagine how happy I am every sunday because our hospitality team in church now make it lmao. For my homemade one I used

Ribena to get the colour
Equal parts cold Sprite and Fanta
6 drops of Angostura Bitters
I used a can of Caribbean tropical fruit punch on this occassion (usually just squeeze some lemon, lime and orange but experimenting)

Hope that


Ahaaa! Thanks for the recipe hon! x


You’re welcome 🙂


U are one style Diva, no one can take that from u! I can imagine styling our white robes when we get to heaven!!!!!!! 😉


Ose darling … Our God likes to shine, so we will style wellaaaa lol


pls where did u get ur outfit from…i wannnnntttt 🙁


Hello Sayedero, H&M and Zara. Thanks for stopping by and bring that smile on your face 🙂



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