Hi dearies,
OOTD (Outfit of the Day) style posts are one of my favourites. I hope your weekend’s been great so far. I had to do a major cut yesterday because my ends seemed to be looking choppy/stringy! Never be afraid to cut your ends because it is better to have it healthy hair looking than limp. It might seem like a set back but it is hair so it will grow back the 2 inches lost (I tell myself as I sadly cut in front of the mirror). Anyways, I did my first mud wash instead of using shampoo and my hair felt amazing! I will try it some more before I post about it.

Now let’s focus on last week sunday’s outfit of the day (OOTD). As you know, I just dress up for dressing sake lol but it seems my pals tend to request for the OOTD (not sure if it is b’cos they are my friends lol). My shoes seemed to get some attention even I felt left out from the compliments. I am guessing the colour stood out because I wore a black dress. Less is definitely more 🙂


Decided to embrace my shrinkage after hair wash (finally! my hair is shouting Halleluyah ‘cos i did not have the time to wash it last week lol). The beauty about afro hair is that you can rock it stretched to show your actual length or you can rock it short. Loving the illusion of not having shoulder length hair (Even I do not believe I have bra strap length hair looking at this pictures). Anyways, thank God for versatility.




Today’s outfit is a plain flowy black dress (Topshop). The most striking accessories being my hair (God-given plus human dedication lol), the neck piece (2yrs ago from Primark) and wrist piece (cannot remember, some years ago now). My purse is from over 4yrs ago from River Island.



As for my Green Watch (DKNY) it’s from 2009 and shoes (Zara).





That’s it loves. Till next time.

Lady P.

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WERK Preye, aka Lady P, aka Prekesperempus :-D! The shoes are on point! Xxx


hahahahaha Yamiscolombo my dear friend and sister! Sending love from UK to Kenya 😉


Please bring those shoes on your way to Naija o!!! Nuff said!




Really, really like this look and the paring of the bold coloured shoes with the black dress and your hair- oOOOOH! X

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