Hi dearies,

Nigerian Weddings are celebrated almost like Carnivals! *pause* I am on a row today because I am seeking Comfort’s forgiveness for not posting in a while lol (you should have seen/read her vexing message for my lack of posts on here). I am truly sorry. So, this Saturday I went to a friend’s wedding. Nigerian weddings and our traditional attires/dresses go hand in hand.

Typically my traditional dresses are made by Olivade in Nigeria but my Gambian friend was expecting some clothes to be made by her sister. Gave her a description of what I wanted and I was inspired by my mum’s vibrant and colourful ‘boubous’ and the Nigerian men’s agbada. For the Nigerian Wedding I kept accessories simple with pearl drop earrings, pearl ring and a Marc Jacobs watch. As a woman especially an African Woman, your gele (head gear) is the crown that tops it up. I rocked my Abeke auto gele from Nigeria and it came already tied I simply just wore it (ain’t nobody got time to be tying Gele for hours! Cheers to being a Modern African Woman lol. Update: You can watch my review). I must add one of the besties posted it, he knows himself (thank you). I am so in love with the vibrant red colour as well. It made me feel like such an African Queen. I got a lot of compliments at the Nigerian Wedding. You know what let the pictures do the talking. This is My African HAIRitage Style. iStyle myStyle and I Wear & Support Made in Africa. Let me know your thoughts. God bless.



Lady P

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P.S. Comfort, I hope I am forgiven!

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Loving the head gear. Nice outfit too.
When Will You Marry


Thanks Grace ☺


You look fantastically- fabulously- gorgeously beautiful! 🙂


Thank you dear. God bless you


You are most welcome. God bless you too!


Hon, you are killing it, love this look from head to toe. I love seeing women putting their feminine spin on the Bubu and Sokoto look (Dear Lord, I hope I spelt that right!). And that gele just says, Bow Down. ( :


Thanks hun! Compliments of the season!! Well I understood what you typed so it must be right lol. Lmao @ “bow down” (they better!). Lots of love from one Queen to another 🙂

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