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God knows the struggles I have had attempting to tie African Gele but I know someday someone will deliver me! I know a lot of African women can relate. I have been extremely busy in the last 2 months or so. So many things have happened but I do hope that you have had enough to refer to from my previous posts when it comes to managing your hair and tips I have given so far. To break the silence I have decided to post this thanksgiving Outfit Of The Day. As you already know my culture (Nigerian culture) is very rich when it comes to our heritage and one of the times we showcase this is during thanksgiving service! Currently my hair is in bum bum length braids because I have not had time to care for my hair when I left it out and hence I have suffered some set backs (oh yes, even I am human lol). So, when that happens do not let it get to you it will grow back with proper care again. My darling friend aka Adetola made my braids. Here’s a pic below of the braids before we trimmed it a bit.


That is my beautiful ore mi below!

When my ore mi (means my friend in English) came down to the UK on holiday she brought me some goodies from Nigeria (thank you sweetie). Some of the goodies included food (I LOVE FOODDDD!) and three traditional attires including two Nigerian gele fabrics (the ones I call foil paper lmao) from our darling mummy. Thank you mummy Adefarakan for the gifts it means so much to me because I obviously have a bug for all things African especially the attires! God bless you ma!! *hugs and kisses* P.S. Adetola this is what we call mummy of life *Big grin*. The tailor in Nigeria made it to perfection as far as I am concerned because I did not have the opportunity to have a dress fitting. As for the gele, oh my God! Let’s just say you need to join a masterclass to gain the skills in the art of gele tying. I have new found respect for those who do this as a profession! All I can say is youtube was useful in assisting me to achieve what I decided to manage on my head as my skill is not even elementary! lmao.Please someone make something easy for people like me (Modern African Woman. Update: little did I know this prayer would be answered two years after this post! Watch my 20 Second Wearable Gele Review). However, for a first timer I give myself a pat on the shoulders. Special shout out to my dear housemate aka Assumpta for the moral support, no be small thing. This is not for the faint hearted!! Enough of the story land, here are some pictures!






Surprisingly, this sunday took a different turn as typically the photo ministry/annointing seemed flow only with the Divas in church but alas! The Gents were on it ohhhhh!! I was highly honoured to have them feature today *big grin* May I just add that Chike’s Nigerian native wear (male version) complimented my dress! Anyways, here are my gents 🙂











Lady P.

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To think I was gon’ ping you today to ask why we haven’t seen anything new on your blog. I should learn to respond promptly when such thoughts come to me.

Lovee ur attire! And with the guy’s outfit it almost seems like u guys planned it.
Big shalla to the Mummy of life. Tola looks hot as always.


hehe you were in the spirit hun 🙂

Ose! I know oh!! Looks like we planned it!!! Yes o, mummy really hooked me up real goodddd .. As for my Tola you know she likes shakaraaaa hehe


9c outfit……..thanks to God,thanks to Adetola.


Yup yup … thank God


Hi there! WOW. I love your blog, hair, pictures, everything! 🙂 Thank goodness for wordpress making suggestions of who to follow, because that’s how I found you. I’m following you now, and look forward to more posts from you. Blessings to you.


Hello Nicky, glad you found me 🙂 The power of the Internet. Thank you so much. Noticed from your Bio, you have gone natural as well. Anyway I can help let me know. Following right back. xxx


Hi again. Yes, the internet is very powerful. I will be sure to ask you questions as they come up. Thank you!


Mama Africa.


Fellow sister Africa 😉

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