Hi dearies,
it’s Dress Down day here. It’s been a while! Life has just been so so busy!! I did have some posts already drafted but I just thought I should do what needs to be done. I am trying to see if I can get some personal development out of the way but this things cost money!!! lol. Anyways, back to you. For those of us in the UK, we rarely see the sun and so when it comes the excitement is there. One of those rare occasions came about during the last bank holiday. We took a couple of pictures. My hair was in a bun as I had rocked my straightened and curled hair for some days (I love how my African Hair is so versatile and because of shrinkage I can rock a variety of hair lengths yet it’s the same hair God has given me). Before I ramble on about the gorgeousness of the African woman’s crown I will focus on the OOTD.

Now I have always said that I was not going to spend 75 pounds on the American Apparel Disco Pants just because though I like the finer things in life I spend smart … Anyways, I am glad I never did because I saw this in Primarniiii lmao and thought I could wear this at home (I do not think I spent more than 14pounds). P.S. Did I mention that this UK Size 6 babe is on her way to becoming a full UK size 8 (somebody shout Halleluyah!). Oh boy, did I jump to get this to pass through my hips *you ladies know what I am talking about – laughing*. Enjoy the dress down outfit pictures













Lady P.

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