Hi dearies,
My love for Nigerian Print Fashion is unexplainable. I know you have been expecting this post. You know almost every Nigerian movie has part 2 and so this is the sequel to the post on the 28th of April but this time I am featured in it. On Sunday’s blog post I showcased four African Queens in my life wearing our traditional attire and I mentioned I would be posting my Sunday OOTD today. It so happens that my friend Tobiloba Akinrinade went to Nigeria on holiday. That’s her pretty face below!

When she returned she gave me a dress she had made for me in Nigeria. The fabric looked amazing and I adored the colour at first sight but I was not expecting the perfection I got when I wore it for the first time to church on sunday! It fit like it was made to fit every contour of my body. Thank you gorgeous, I am sure you know I loveeeeee it!


What surprises me the most is she never took my measurements to give the tailor! That is either one favoured ‘guesstimation’ or we are almost identical in size! I am not complaining though because I felt like the esteemed African Queen that I am 🙂

You know this post will not be complete without giving honour to the afro lol. As an African Queen I just had to compliment the dress with my Crown (aka my afro hair). This was the main accessory that brought out the beauty of this amazing traditional Nigerian print dress if you ask me! My hair was slightly blow dried to stretch it a bit to reduce the likelihood of my ends knotting up and tangling in it’s free state. Just in case I have not said it yet in this post. To the non-believers, as you can clearly see Nigerian ladies can actually grow their hair with proper care and knowledge. The picture below shows the back view of my hair (and the dress) and one of my little babies in church pulling slightly on my hair to see the length.

Typically I would have a neck piece but that wasn’t even necessary!! One of my favourite earrings, hand bangle and eagle ring completed the look!! Simplicity plus Class with that African Vibe is a sight to behold. The pictures say it all! If only I had the time for an outdoor shoot it I feel it would have been breathtaking! There just was not time unfortunately either way I am happy that these pictures show just how lovely the dress turned out to be.

Below you have the first picture showing the full length of the front view and the picture that follows shows the side view of the entire Nigerian Print outfit.


I love the craft and skill that a lot of Nigerian tailors display and my Nigerian Print dress was definitely well made. As you already know it is my new found love to acquire Nigerian traditional outfits and definitely I would wear even more in the future. I do not know if it is my age or the fact that I never really had that many in the especially in my teens and I am just making up for lost time now lol. Do you have your own traditional attires in your culture and how do you wear them? Let me know. Till next time.

Lady P.

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The dress is really well made and it suits you #captainobvious.


Yamiscolombooooooooooo! Thank you lovie. Hope u r enjoying Kenya. Need to plan a visit there if you’re there in the next one year 🙂 My love to mum, dad and big+lil bros.xxx


I 4got 2 add…..so happy u luv d dress and U r most welcome ?


*big grin* everyone that is her oooo hehehe




I want this dress!!! Love it and love your style head to toe! Beautiful!


Thank you Marie *blush blush* … Really appreciate that. Thanks for stopping by.


I’m in love with your dress its very nice and it also suits you


Thank you Lize for the compliment and for stopping by. Hope you have an awesome day.


Looking gorgeous in nigerian print dress. African fabric is unique and colorful.


Thank you so much. Yes, African print is fabulous 🙂

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