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Today I want to share a key factor of the MAHS Lifestyle that I shared with close family and since you are my besties here I thought why not! This little secret in many ways has a lot to do with your general Well-Being, Self Love and Loving Others. It is one thing to observe how someone lives but another if they do not share practical ways to achieve it.

Hotspots: these are key areas of your life that you feel add to you positively. I learnt the hard way the importance of living a balanced life and one thing I will highlight is that you cannot give to others what you do not have inside of you! In  30 seconds (find video below) I answered how I am able to intentionally attempt to live a “balanced life” as much as possible thanks to the power of Snapchat! If you have not added MAHS on Snap ‘hmmm’.  There you get me uncensored usually in pyjamas & real face!

My Hotspots Summarised

My hotspots in no particular order are my Mind, Body, Emotions, Career, Finances, Relationships & Fun (the video shows you how I break down each aspect) … I love myself intentionally & purposefully in order to love others purposefully (and also knowing when to let people go & eradicating negativity). Balancing act but good to see & review things visually to identify aspects that are being neglected #YourWellBeingMatters 

Real Love by Da Truth (Song of the Day)

“I don’t want to love on the surface no, nooo…
And I know my love won’t be perfect oh, ohhh…
I know I gotta love you on purpose

I wanna love when you close the curtains
So you could see that Jesus is Love (Enough [x4])
I don’t want to love on the surface …”

How do you intentionally attempt to live a balanced life? Thank you for stopping by. Have a fulfilled week.


Lady P.

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Interesting to see what your 7 touchstones are..this year some of those elements have fallen by the wayside, e.g. body, I need to work on that next year…tsigh… ( :


Life and its juggling act .. not easy but good we remain conscious by reviewing regularly. P.S. Girlllll do not know what you are saying about your body but you have been serving us HOT AMALA on Youtube!


Speaking of Amala, guuuurl, I need to cut down on Carbs, haha! Have a lovely Sunday. X

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