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Let us talk Hair Treatment Steaming! Have you ever said to yourself? My hair is breaking, I want longer hair, My hair is not growing or what can I use to grow my hair faster? Well, you might want to read on! As you are aware I went through major hair length setbacks from extreme breakage. I have since been experimenting and started changing things up. I would love to share with you as I can see major improvements and gotten requests from friends! I am also learning to use instagram as an avenue to keep you posted (yes, we now have an instagram page and you can follow us 🙂 ).

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I basically updated my pre-poo treatment (original one still relevant but currently combatting breakage which translates to loss of length) which you can read here and also now own a hair steamer. I realised that steaming every four 4 weeks fits into my hair regimen while every other three weeks can be the ‘baggy method’ also known as the ‘green house effect’. In simple terms, covering your hair with a paper bag/shower cap and wrapping with a cloth to create natural heat. Inbetween hair wash days, every other day (not necessarily everyday) I moisturise and seal my hair using the LOC method (Liquid, Oil and Cream).

Here is my updated nutritiuos Pre-poo treatment/steam formula

Add, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, hibiscus powder (aka zobo); onion; egg yolk (only add yolk once a month when I sit under the steamer) and a good moisture rich hair conditioner. Mix well and Apply hair concoction to your hair and scalp with vigorous massage to scalp (note: regular scalp massages also stimulate growth). If you are steaming sit directly under steamer for no longer than 15 minutes without covering your hair but ensuring all strands get the steam directly.

Sitting Under the Steamer via the Gram

Currently drafting the post on my updated pre-poo treatment & benefits of steaming ☺

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I believe I am seeing results (as my hair no longer pulls out easily when I touch it) even after a short time is MOISTURE! MOISTURE!! MOISTURE!!! AND STRENGTH!!!! In our hair science lesson we learnt of the importance. I am enjoying the benefits of steaming (taking it a step further to add protein from egg yolk to add strength to my strands once a month) and consistently moisturizing in-between hair wash days. Overall, hair Retention is key to promoting growth but it comes with making an effort and having a hair regimen.

Benefits of Steaming Your Hair

If you are thinking, what was the thought process behind Preye’s updated pre-poo treatment well I researched and considered possible new ingredients to try out. See mind map below of popular home remedies I researched on for fast hair growth. After considering ingredients for my experiment I settled for my formula mentioned above.

Home Remedies For Fast Hair Growth2


I cannot emphasise the importance of research (acquiring knowledge) and continuous learning when it comes to your hair growth. When something stops working (or just is not working) for your hair you have to try out different things for a solution. Cheers to being on the road to recovery. Let me know what you use for your hair treatments? Do you steam your hair? Or what ingredients would you opt for from my list of hair remedies?


Lady P.

Scalp Massages


P.S. If you are new do not worry I got you. To understand the benefits of protective styling and a having a good hair regimen some other popular posts for beginners include (Lesson 1: Hair Biology for Beginners; Lesson 3: Hair Regimen 101; Lesson 4: How I Grew My Hair)


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