Hey huns,
Oh yes, time for a wig update. I have rocked Keke for two weeks plus now (well, 3weeks by Saturday). I have been asked how I care for my natural hair now. In summary, every time I get back from work I fling Keke off my head and put her on the mannequin head/stand. I use my leave-in conditioner (in my hair regimen post I mention the leave-ins I swap between, watch out for that post) all over my plaits (which is plaited all going back) focusing on the ends of my hair and scalp followed by any oil I grab (trying to make use of my castor oil more lately – this includes my edges routine of course) and that’s it everyday. Before I sleep I tie my silk scarf, Wake up and pretty much repeat my moisturise and seal process and wear Keke. Simples! I have washed my hair twice each week to increase my moisture levels (with conditioner only for the first time without loosening my plaits to save me time). I did not bother blowdrying my hair just repeated the moisturise and seal process and left it to air dry naturally. Some people have asked if I prefer a u-part wig (where you leave out some of your hair in front) or the full wig with closure (no hair out). I definitely prefer the full wig with closure because it means no heat on my front hair (less damage = healthier hair) and my hair is not just in a protective style but low manipulation as it is in plaits (win win situation for me). Feels so good I don’t have to waste time trying to straighten any leave out hair to try to blend with my weave definitely saving me a lot of time in the morning! Moreso, I chose the elastic band method because I hate the idea of using glue on my hairline for the lace closure and I am not planning to have gorimakpa (baldness) in this region (as you already know my front hairline is quite sensitive – Check out post: ‘Let’s Talk Edges’). So, yes my verdict is I love my full wig with lace closure.

As for Keke, when it comes to caring for her I have not put any product on her hair. Just give her a brush and she’s good to go in the morning. I did straighten out the curls with my GHD hair straighteners but that’s it really and no I have not washed her hair either lol. Mummy’s been very naughty I know but it’s better to care for your own natural hair than extensions #justsaying. Thank God it’s good quality Brazilian hair so I got away with it this time because I was not really styling it up though I typically wash my extensions weekly for optimum results. Whenever I wanted the part to be in a different place I just place the wig’s part on the desired spot.


Oh! Did I mention my friend Bolu squared is definitely rocking her own Keke!! I love it so much she needed a shout out from us 🙂 Whilst she is nurturing her natural hair which is currently in TWA stage, she also has her own Keke (her wig). Hence, it doubles off as a protective style as well as a styling option for when she wants longer her! Isn’t that amazing? It just goes to show that you can input aspects of a regimen into yours regardless of your hair length! Let’s keep motivated honeys. Check out the beautiful Miss Bolu Squared below.


That’s my wig update it for now loves. See you soon.

Lady P.

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Ose darling 🙂


I’m actually excited abt dis post cuz I have been rocking my Keke for almost 2wks. I tried my best to oil daily. But seeing you did the ‘Moisture and Seal’ Process twice daily…can’t wait for my next Keke season to treat my hair right.

Weldone sweetim :*


Mrs S aka Tish glad u like. So, next time ur get’s some more TLC 🙂 … thanks hun, more to come.xxx


I’ve really been thinking about getting a wig to wear when I don’t want to do my natural hair. I get so nervous when I think about wearing a wig though. I’m the type that will put the wig on, stare at it for hours in the mirror, and then take it off right before I step out of the house. I wish I could be more “out of the box.” I love your KeKe though!


Awww thank you Megan. I know that feeling but I would suggest on those days you could incorporate a scarf or head band of some sort to disguise the look or to make it look less ‘wiggy’ or just to simply make yourself more comfortable with it on.


Nice!! I think I will get those Havana twists for New Year!!

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