Somebody sayyyy Flo … Flo’s Homemade!

Hi dearies,

I hope your week is going well and if otherwise I pray you gain the strength you need to pull through. I realised I had not shared this as a post with you and if the blog post title does not sound familiar to you then you need to connect with MAHS on social media like now (P.S. I forgive you). Sharing & Learning just got easier with MAHS Learn! Get cooking, Eat Flo’s Homemade, Don’t starve! It is free but registration is required. We have downloadable recipe cards, video demos, quizzes and more.

Here’s a Christmas gift from us as a preview of the resources at your finger tips: Free lesson handout on Pumpkin Nigerian Beef Pepper Soup. You can enjoy your traditional meals & flavours whilst living a healthy lifestyle. Have a great weekend. As always I look forward to hearing from you. God bless.

Flo’s Homemade


Lady P.

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