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Agbada! This is an African Attire which is characterised by being loose and free flowing. It is all about Fascinating that Agbada today. Pardon my manners, I went straight in. Happy New Year and Glory be to God! This is our very first post on our .com domain!! Thankfully we were able to move some of our posts from the old site. We decided partly due to requests for videos on some hair care topics and growth that sharing the MAHS experience should not be limited to just friends and family (yes, we are working on that). If you are reading this then I am urging you to please have a look at our new environment. I always love to hear your feedback! Whilst you are at it click subscribe at the end of the post (if you are not yet subscibed) and share with family, friends and ‘frenemies’ lol.


Agbada Outfit of the Day

Now to my Agbada outfit of the day (OOTD) which almost feels like Part 2 of the Gambian Connections post. You guys know how I love to add my twist to things even if it is just one accessory. I was blessed to rock what Nigerians would call a mini Agbada also known as Danshiki to church. Agbadas are originally worn mostly by Nigerian/West African men. I decided to keep it very simple but the inner classical RCCG (The Redeemed Christian Church of God) girl craved a hat for some drama. Hence, I thought “why not style this outfit with your mini fascinator!” Funny how childhood memories of being in an African church wearing them ‘Mummy G.O’ style hats, berets & scarfs can also influence ones sense of style. 


And that is how you fascinate that Agbada! In the words of Tosin Obalade “I think you just started a trend”. By the way, did I mention she is the lovely CEO of Zere Fashion House who sent this Agbada of mine! MAHS appreciates hardworking entrepreneurs everywhere, may God bless the works of your hands. As for my hair, my natural hair is safely tucked under my wig for this cold winter months. Would you rock an agbada? Have a fabulous week!
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Really love the Gambian look. The Danshiki with fascinator also very fascinating, but I wonder what a splash of vivid yellow/mustard or pink/fuschia will do for the combo…Great ideas in all! Thanks for sharing.


Aunty mi gwo ☺ oh ohhhhh my aunty has turned in-house stylist. Go aunty! Yes, the next time I wear this outfit will be with some colour! Thinking about a lime and green combo. The possibilities are boundless once the creative juices are running. Keep it flowing aunty mi ?


My Soul Sis looks amazing!… as usual of course… :D.


Aww thank you soul Sister. .. trying keep up with you!


This is the perfect example of contemporary African fashion, I’d love to wear it in the front row of London fashion week! Monochrome Fabulousity! And I like how you paired the voluminous top with skinny trousers. Do take a look at my blog soon to see what I’ve been up to! ( :


Aww thanks Biki for stopping by and commenting! Means a lot.Did I mention I love your voice and you did a great job with your TV Show. Greater things to come! 🙂

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