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Lately there has been a lot of discussion surrounding being a “Woman”. Who she is and expectations. But first, hope you are doing great. In case you need to catch up on what has been happening then check out MAHS Learn for an update. Today with her permission, I will be sharing Moboluwaji Olatunji’s write up titled ‘Dear Woman’. Asides writing and other talents God has blessed her with, she spends her time inspiring through the love of Christ. She was recently featured in woman.ng and we are proud of her. Read, comment, share and stay blessed.

Dear woman,
Let me tell you a true story.
So God created a man and named him Adam, God placed in him wisdom, and understanding, creativity and strength. Adam, the so intelligent man who named all the animals, the man who seemingly had everything together still felt incomplete and alone and God thought and said it is not good for man to be alone, so He sat with His council, His Son, and His Spirit and together they came up with the specification of what the man’s partner should look like. They spent time removing and adding to their specifications and then finally, they decided on what was best, they had the Oh my God moment.

Then God caused Adam to sleep really deeply and took out from His rib, such that when he woke, he knew that a part of him was etched and woven into his partner. God went to work with the rib, following their specifications carefully, God made the woman tender, beautiful, curvy, gave her just exactly what she would need to fulfil purpose, He gave her emotions, from her emotions she would be able to love and care for people and her God genuinely and passionately and then God wove deep into her a strength, strength to resist, strength to stand firm, strength to stand for what she believes in, strength to fight for what is right, a strength to love God but to be able to use her strength she had to know who she is, and to know who she is, she has to have a personal working relationship with her God. God needed her to hear about her beauty and splendour from Him everyday, He knew man couldn’t adequately tell her about her splendour and uniqueness because he was deeply asleep when He made her, He and He alone could tell her just what she is worth.

And then when God was through, He shouted this is Good! The hosts of heaven danced round and around, the angels danced and were amazed, what is this delectable being? They asked themselves? I don’t know, she looks like us but in a special way. The noise of jubilation the angels made caused Adam to stir and stretch and then God tapped him. Wake, Adam wake. Hmmmmm, “I feel so sleepy God.” Hmm, then he managed to get up. On getting up, he screamed Wowman! This is without any doubt the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh! One angel went to the other, I heard Adam call her Woman, she is woman and on and on and on, one angel told the other, she is woman, Adam called her that. Adam wasted no time, he knew and recognised her and immediately performed the rites needed to make her his. He dedicated the rest of his life to taking good care of her and nourishing her like she was him, even in ‘her mistake,’ he still shared his opinion and idea with her.

Dear woman, you are exactly what you need to be. God took His time in moulding you and in designing your features, you are the exact fit for your man, you are the solution to his puzzle, you are the quench to his feelings of ‘aloneness’. Babes! You are powerful! Babes, you are enough, you are adequate and you are perfect, you are just right. There is strength in you, strength to let go of that hurt, strength to be all that you want to be. You have got the strength you need to fight that raging hormone, to fight that stronghold. You have got the strength you need to let go of that weak emotion, you can do anything you set your mind to do. Fight, young woman, fight. Fight that low self esteem. Fight, woman fight, fight that fear. Fight that self doubt, fight that feeling of inadequacy.

Find your strength, young woman. Just as you look into the mirror daily and every other hour to know what you look like on the outside, you had better start to look into the mirror God gave you. You had better start to look into God’s Word daily and every other hour. You need to know just what you are on the inside. Just as you always want to spend time with the one you love and hear him sing your praise. You had better start spending time with the one who loves you the most, the one who can adequately tell you just how beautiful you are, the one who can tell you the story of your creation, the purpose of your existence, the one who can fill every single void in your heart. The only one who can ignite your innate abilities, the one who can help and assist you to find the strength you need.

You will never ever find your worth in the arms of a man. The man was created to find completeness in you, how in the world is he going to be able to then complete you. His missing rib is inside of you and you are the solution to his feeling of aloneness. You point him to his creator. You find your completeness in God and then let that strength help you to become all you ought to be. But don’t you ever forget that you are worth so much more. Don’t you ever forget just how important you are. You can use that emotion properly. Quit chilling and holding on to that man who isn’t interested in you. You are not his missing rib and sister he will never long for you. God will bring your own man to you and he will be all that you have ever dreamed of. He will be more than you have even imagined.

Every time he sights you, he will be filled with wonder at your beauty, he will see you and you alone. Even in your mistakes, he will carry you along in all his plans. He will listen to you. He will nourish and care for you. He will forgive you effortlessly. Isn’t that what you have always wanted? Don’t let those emotions get the better part of you. Spend time with your archer. Listen to your creator, day in day out. Hear Him tell you about your completeness. You are such an important entity, your function is indispensable. Don’t let yourself to be treated less and baby look into that mirror. No, not that one, the other one, the most important one.


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