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Guess who designed and made herself a Boubou? Hope you are having a great week so far. Today’s outfit of the day is a Lace Trim Cold Shoulder Boubou with African Head Wrap. In the one minute outfit video I narrate in Nigerian pidgin English (Subscribe to MAHS Youtube Channel). A huge shout out to my friend Jesujoba Popoola aka Joba (Instagram: @themanjoba) of Season 4 of MTN Project Fame singing one of my faves by him ‘Is It Over’ in the background. The MAHS African boubou style was inspired by a £320 crepe dress that I had ‘long throat’ for. I stared and wondered if I could make it but the pleats and all seemed complex. I decided to search online to see if anyone might have given some explanations and I found Wendy’s blog post (Thank you fellow Jesus lover. You are a star)!  

I decided to go with a flowy print fabric and instead design a modern take on the African boubou inspired by the lace trimmings in the crepe dress. I rocked this with my rose gold watch & bracelet, Pastel pink clutch bag and aqua court shoes since both colours could be found in the print on the fabric. I chose the first ring and earring that caught my eyes on my dressing table. You can now Shop Featured Items on the blog. 

Links to Lace Inspiration & My Accessories:

I bought my fabric from the market for £4.50 (3 yards) and spent another £6 on the lace trimmings and my cord strap. In essence, I spent £10.50 for my dress (now that is a bargain! lol). Fashion and Personal Style is really about how creative you allow yourself to be and not the price tag. I purposely do not emphasise brand names on my blog because  find it stifles individuals creativity. I want you to be able to go into Primark and be inspired the same way you would go to Harrods. Basically create your personal style unique to you regardless of your budget. For instance, the previous casual Denim Jumpsuit was on sale for £11 (view post). Anyways, find pictures below of my Boubou Style.









Let me know what you think and if you would have styled it differently. Thank you for stopping by. Have a fulfilled week.


Lady P.

Items Mentioned in the Boubou Post:

Crepe Dress
Aqua Court Shoes

Pastel Clutch Bag


Bracelet (gifted)

Ring and Earrings (gifted)
Fabric, Lace Trimmings and Cord Strap (market)

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