At MAHS we believe in lifting each other up and rising together in excellence by appreciating innovative entrepreneurs and encouraging African businesses/talents. We also know how difficult it is to find certain niche businesses, for example, an Afro Hair enthusiast visiting Nigeria trying to locate a specialised Natural Hair Salon. Whether you are a subscriber, reader, visitor, or business this section is here for you to list businesses you would recommend if you think it is linked with the MAHS Vision. Do ensure this is clear when creating a listing to ensure it passes approval as we reserve the right to reject entries. 

Lagos: MODS Salon & Beauty Supply
Samit Mall, Plot 4B Block 69 Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1 (Down the road from Ebeano Supermarket, same side)

MODS Salon is a Natural Hair Salon that specialises in Locs, Twists, Finger coils, Perm Rod sets, Straw Curls, Children’s hair, Crochet braids, Braids & Weaves and many more. If you decide to pay them a visit, do give us feedback on your experience.

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Yaknn Enterprises
11 Bello Gaya Street,
Water and Sewage Life Camp,

Yaknn Enterprises supplies Football Jerseys and offers Customisation services including General Consultation Services with expertise Project Planning. Yaknno Enterprises specialises in Sports gear and are known not just for their premium quality but excellent customer service. If you decide to patronise him update us on your experience.

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