Hi dearies,
Feeling Blue lace! I Hope your week has been great so far and if not I hope it gets better. Another graduation celebration and I was feeling blue.

Preye’s Fun Fact: Blue signifies trust, peace, loyalty, order, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven.

Before we dabble into colour psychology let us go back to my outfit for the day. So, I Decided to wear a simple blue lace dress accompanied with my sandals with different tones of blue. I kept accessories to a minimum for this look and will probably go all out the next time I wear this dress. Rocked tiny stud earrings and hair still in my protective all back cornrow (ghana weave style).

Here are some pictures. Let me know your thoughts and how would have worn this outfit.
2016-07-23 14.34.00

2016-07-24 14.16.41

2016-07-23 14.25.58

Lady P.

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2016-07-23 14.31.23

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Your outfit is perfect the shoe is everything. Easy & Stylish.


Appreciate your lovely comment Bose. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


Hi Preye,

How’ve you been?

Ah, this is such a happy shade of blue, lace is easily my favourite fabric. The dress suits you beautifully. Your smile was the perfect accessory for this outfit. 🙂


Greetings Nedu, life has been happening but still standing ☺ How are you doing? Happy New Month! Aww thanks dear. There is something classy about lace. May we continue to have reasons to smile 🙂


Oh hon, you’re back to blogging again! YOU’VE BEEN MISSED! Guuurl, that dress is errrrrything and loving the shoes, really pulls the whole look together ( :


Thanks hun! Something powerful about wearing the right shoes. Feels great to be back in the office (9-5) and also making time for hobbies + blogging! Got a clean bill of health after almost 2 months at home. Definitely missed the blogmosphere and your positive vibes 🙂 P.S. Your upgraded site is on fleek fleek 😉 Love it!

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