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Let us talk about Black Tea Rinse! As you know, I have been dealing with rectifying excessive hair damage (and shedding) by looking into natural remedies to improve the state of my hair and I am seeing the results gradually! I had to keep it real with you guys to motivate not just by celebrating progress but also setbacks. Most people experience hair setbacks and I want you to know you are not alone. It involves you brainstorming ways to rectify the issue, maybe even tough decisions like cutting a large chunk of your hair to get rid of damaged ends like I did and putting the effort to be consistent. Remember the link between ‘Hair Growth, Hair Retention and Hair Damage’ (refer to post on this topic).

Although, hair shedding is a natural daily process there are ways of reducing hair fall. When it comes to hair care knowledge is power. The black tea rinse is a method I have now added to my routine after some research. Apart from health and skin benefits ‘Black Tea’ also has hair benefits. When my natural hair is not braided I tend to do the black tea rinse 2-3 weeks after my monthly hair steaming routine (please read my post on the ‘Benefits of Hair Steaming’ for more information).

Black tea is made up leaves of the shrub Camellia sinensis and it is worth noting that one cup of tea has half the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee. This leads us to today’s focus on reasons you ought to give your hair some tea to drink and how I use it (click/save on picture file to show diagram).

Black Tea Rinse

So, if your hair is brittle or you just want to reduce hair shedding, a black tea rinse is worth trying. Please share your experience below if you have tried it or have other methods of reducing shedding. Have a great week.

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