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2016 went so fast! Still cannot believe we are in 2017 talk less of February! A lot happened, from new job role to travel to being ill for almost 2 months but there are things I am grateful to God for in 2016. MAHS Learn now has Free Art & DIY Lovers Membership and Food Lover Membership to give you access to mostly 2 minutes or under video demos including free downloadable pdf instruction cards. My highlight in January 2017 had to be when Sisi Yemmie said the Okro Soup Recipe “looks yummy”. My people I had to screenshot it out of excitement (I still feel so honoured that she would take time out of her busy schedule to give positive feedback. I am still buzzing because I admire her work! God bless her). But that is not our focus today.

I have intentionally decided not to make this post about what I achieved and what I did not but more about travel (mind you, I am super proud that I ticked off my 2016 goals list!). Travel is one way of exercising dominion over earth (had to make it scriptural huh). Travel is also one of my hotspots (aspects of life that contribute towards giving an individual a balanced life), I have categorised it under fun. I posted a quick summary on this because it could be useful to someone and I have had to learn the hard way the importance of living a balanced life (check post here). After some self-evaluation, I realised I never post about my trips because I get so immersed in the moment I forget to take pictures! I am hoping to change and become more conscious about sharing my experiences. Let me know if you travelled in 2016 or if you plan on travelling. In the mean time here are some highlights of Europe 2016 in the first 12 pictures (for more pictures scroll past my signature exit “kisses, Lady”).

Malta 2016

For my birthday in February 2016, my homegirl Pen and I decided to visit Malta and I must say it felt like home away from home. The weather was mild, the food was good and the people were hospitable. There were a lot of Brits and since they drive on the same side as the UK we hired a car for the trip which made movement easy! We even used the ferry to visit Gozo Island, what a beauty to behold!! It was a jam packed 3 days here and we highly recommend it! (scroll to the very end for more pictures).

Italy 2016

We took a flight from Malta to Rome and the weather was just like our British weather lol. Was raining Cats & Dog! We got quite a number of stares and we did not realise when we started making comparisons with our ‘homely’ Malta. Thankfully visiting historical sites including visiting the Vatican City got our mood back up to enjoy our break (scroll to the very end for more pictures).

France 2016

We got to watch Timea Bacsinszky Vs Venus Williams (sister V lost this match); Tomas Berdych Vs David Ferrer and Stan Wawrinka Vs Albert Ramos-Vinolas in Paris at Roland Garros 2016. Pen (homegirl & I clearly share the love of travel) felt I needed a change of environment and to raise my spirits she planned a weekend break (Thank God for amazing friends!). Although, I am not a big Tennis fan I was up for it plus I got to travel with Eurostar and see the Eiffel Tower for the first time! Like I said 2016 had its highs and lows but I thank God I ended it on a positive note (scroll to the very end for more pictures).

Denmark and Sweden 2016

Zim mum invited Pen and I to visit over summer 2016. However, with our tight schedules we were not able to make our trip until November! It was a short but sweet weekend trip. We landed in Copenhagen (Denmark) took in the environment and Zim mum & Swedish pop drove us into Sweden as they live out in the woods in a cottage! I felt like little Black riding hood!! lol So, tranquil and beautiful with no wi-fi to distract me (if you know me well then you know I am an Introverted Extrovert if there is anything like that). The next day we took in views of Vanstad, Skane Lane and Malmo. The Swedish and Danish atmosphere is so friendly! I definitely fell in love with their culture and way of living especially when I lost my iPad Air and someone was gracious to keep it safe for us to pick up the next day!

What countries would you love to visit? I will talk about my trip to Cape Town for my Christmas Annual Leave in a future post. Thank you for stopping by and continue scrolling down for more pictures. Have a fulfilled week.


Lady P.

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