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This post is for you if you have ever struggled with tying your Nigerian gele (also referred to as African Head Wrap/Head Scarf/Head Tie/Turban). You might remember this gele from ‘the Nigerian Wedding Guest Outfit of the Day‘ post. Whilst my outfit in the video has been showcased in the ‘Exaggerated Shokoto‘ post.


Subscribe to MAHS Youtube Channel for more videos. Anyways, I found my solution last year which only takes less than 20 seconds! Watch the 5 minute video for my review and experience communicating, buying and wearing the Nigerian brand ‘Auto Gele by Abeke’. I hesitated in making a video myself but realised if I let fear and perfectionism take over I will never put myself out there. This decision gives MAHSians the bonus of getting video visuals (Hey, look at that! MAHSians!! That is a new pet name for my darling subscribers 🙂 ). Anyways, it is not perfect but it is my attempt and knowing me it will only get better. Please encourage me by watching, subscribing, commenting, liking and sharing!

I was going to end the post there but let me encourage someone out there who is scared of vulnerability or taking a chance or perhaps starting something new. You will never progress or improve if you stay stagnant. Continuous development is critical and healthy for your well-being. Trust me I was about to delete these video which happens to be the first published Youtube Video with me in front of the camera. Perhaps the thought of being in front of the world felt overwhelming! Plus, this year I had experienced something major which had almost successfully knocked down my confidence (I hope to share someday). But God has been so faithful and I find myself re-building!

One of the ways of dealing and thriving in adversity is to simply “get on with it” and fellow blogger Biki of My Fashion Slash Life explains this in full using her experience. Truth is doing nothing never got anyone far. Found myself saying “you are camera shy” (could not even look up in the first 1 minute & did not realise this until I was editing), “you are a beginner videographer & video editor” etc. There were numerous limitations!

Here’s to pushing ourselves to be the best and thriving even in the face of adversities/challenges. Let me know if I did well with the video and if you have used or intend to use the Auto Gele.

Lady P

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